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Nendoroid Photography # 1, 1st photoshoot!

Hey guys I’m quite sorry for all the shizz that happen… I’m on a very LONG break…. it’s actually because my school stuff(Yes blame it on the THEM…. I HATE THEM!!) Anyways…. today I FINALLY MANAGED to post stuff on this blog that isn’t “Nendoroid News” we have now my first ever post on our “Nendoroid Photography” category! YAY!!! Ok, this might not what you expect, I do not own a very good camera AND the skills to get good pictures so please bare with me on this! When I get a good camera I promise that I will post more beautiful and “real” photography stuff!


Ok because this is my first ever post on this category, it will feature my first ever photographs way back then(I think it’s 2011 or years older than that…) It’s when I got my first two Nendoroids and my first ever digital camera…..


So here I present you my very NOT SO GOOD PHOTOGRAPHS of my first 2 Nendoroids! Nendoroid Stocking and Nendoroid Sherlock!


Looks like Stocking likes our garden as much as I do!


Oh look she is offering you flowers!


Sherlock went out for a stroll too~


Ahhhh the typical Sherlock we all know…. curious and all!


Sherlock got lost!


She is now begging you for food! Don’t worry Sherlock! You can share food with Stocking!


Oooopps it looks like Stocking will not give you anything!

I’m going to upload my 2nd photography session with more Nendoroids(YUI MADNESS!) with another, yet again GARDEN!( I LOVE OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY!)

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SUMMER WonFes(Wonder Festival) 2014 Nendoroid showcase!!


Ahhhh! This is it! WonFes the event where Nendoroids pop up everywhere, make an army then destroy our wallets! They can be colored prototypes, uncolored prototypes, designs or even old Nendoroids but now as colored prototypes, uncolored prototypes combining the old and new Nendoroids, w0uld make it a nuclear bomb in our wallets! Anyways I’ll keep you up to date to whatever happens in the Nendo universe and cover this gigantic event that will showcase new upcoming/old but updated Nendoroids! GOD! We have 44 Nendoroids ALL IN ALL and still counting!! Let’s now take a look!!


  • 50.) Nendoroid More: Cube #02 – Getabako set
  • 51.) Nendoroid More: Cube #03 Convenience Store set



1.) Nendoroid Darth Vader – Star Wars


2.) Nendoroid Stormtrooper – Star Wars


3.) Nendoroid Isuzu Hana – Girls und Panzer 


4.) Nendoroid  Reizei Mako – Girls und Panzer


5.) Nendoroid Archer – Fate/Stay Night


6.) Nendoroid Rider – Fate/Stay Night


7.) Nendoroid Kumano – Kantai Collection


8.) Nendoroid Suzuya – Kantai Collection


9.) Nendoroid Ryuujou(RJ) – Kantai Collection

Yuru Yuri

10.) Toshinou Kyouko – Yuru Yuri


11.) Nendoroid Tomoyo – Card Captor Sakura

Terra Formars

12.) Nendoroid Michelle K. Davis – Terra Formars


13.) Nendoroid Mannaka Raara – Puripara


14.) Nendoroid Noiz – DRAMAtical MURDER

Hatsune Miku

15.) Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Senbonzakura ver. – Vocaloid


16.) Nendoroid Hoozuki – Hoozuki no Reitetsu

Date A live II

17.) Nendoroid Itsuka Kotori – Date A Live/II

Ars nova

18.) Nendoroid Takao – Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova


19.) Nendoroid Souryuu Asuka Langley (Racing ver.) – Shin Seiki Evangelion


20.) Nendoroid Yomatsuri Akari – Captain Earth


21.) Nendoroid Tachibana Marika – Nisekoi


22.) Nendoroid Tama – Selector Infected Wixoss


23.) Kominato Ruuko – Selector Infected Wixoss



Chopa1406563538 wasabimiso1406445547

24.) Nendoroid Elsa – Frozen


25.) Nendoroid Tsugumi Seishirou – Nisekoi


26.) Nendoroid I-401(Shioi) – Kantai Collection

Freedom Wars

27.) Nendoroid Beatrice “Lily” Anasutashi – Freedom Wars


28.) Nendoroid Batman – Dark Knight RIses

Ayanami Rei

29.) Nendoroid Ayanami Rei (Racing)  – Shin Seiki Evangelion


30.) Nendoroid Aoba Naruko – Mahou Shoujo Taisen


Venera Sama

31.) Nendoroid Venera-sama – Sekai Seifuku ~ Bouryaku no Zvezda


32.) Nendoroid More: Kisekae Swimsuit ver.


33.) Nendoroid Marin-chan – Umi Monogatari 

Solid Snake

34.) Nendoroid Solid Snake – Metal Gear Solid


35.) Nendoroid Sion – Sword Art Online II


36.) Nendoroid Erica Fontaine – Sakura Taisen 3 ~Paris wa Moeteiru ka?~ 


37.) Nendoroid Onodera – Nisekoi


38.) Nendoroid Himeko – Nobunaga The Fool


39.) Nendoroid Mario – Super Mario Bros.


40.) Nendoroid Kousaka Honoka – Love Live! School idol Project

Captain earth

41.) Nendoroid Mutou Hana – Captain Earth


42.) Nendoroid Hiei – Kantai Collection


43.) Nendoroid Amatsukaze – Kantai Collection


44.) Nendoroid Hizamaru Akari – Terra Formars


45.) Nendoroid Chain Skeleton Sega Saturn – Chronicle V


46.) Nendoroid Venom Snake – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Punished Snake


47.) Girlfriend Nendoroids – Shiina Komari and Chloe Lemaire


48.) Rail Wars Nendoroids – Sakura Aoi and Koumi Haruka


49.) Nendoroid Tokisaki Kurumi – Date A Live


50.) Nendoroid More: Cube #02 – Getabako set


51.) Nendoroid More: Cube #03 Convenience Store set

Phew GLAD that was over! This year’s WONFES WAS A HUGE SURPRISE!! It’s probably the best one to date!

Added to “my wishlist” list:

  • Venera-sama
  • Aoba Naruko
  • Batman
  • Elsa

How about you who are added to your wishlist any SURE BUYS!? COMMEENNT BELOW!!

ALL THE PICTURES are not mine they belong to their respective owners!

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Nendoroids I want to see tomorrow, at WonFes!!

I’ve always prepare a list of Nendoroids I want to see every WonFes, and I’m sure you also wish that there’s this certain Nendoroid that will appear at the event, and every WonFes it builds hype as we are really not sure if they will make this particular character or not we just never know! Anyways I would like to share the list of Nendoroids I wish to see tomorrow displayed at WonFes! Some characters may be impossible but yeah we will never know, anything’s possible!(I hope!)


1.) Nendoroid Natasha OR Nendoroid Professor UM from Sekai Seifuku Bouryaku no Zvesda~ – She rivals Venera-Sama on my “favorite character from the series” title the two are cute so why not have both(Venera-Sama already has one!) Any form wil be great but I think Professor UM will fit the Venera-Sama Nendoroid since they’re both in their “Conquest” form/costume/design.


2.) Nendoroid Morrigan from DarkStalkers – I’ve always wanted to have a Nendoroid of her(There’s this awesome art I found she will be a CUTE & SEXY Nendoroid!) I don’t know, I love this character and I have this creepy/weird fascination over demonic characters(Because of Disgaea.) And maybe because I rock in using her in games like Marvel vs. Capcom 3(Maybe I’am the only one who believes that.) OH AND MOOOORREE SEXY NENDOROIDS please!!!


3.) Disgaea Nendoroids(Pram, Laharl, Desco) – I have been a fan of this game I’ve played the first 3 games and spin offs (Still haven’t played 4 and D2 but I WILL!) Let’s start with Pram….

Pram – I know she really is from Makai Kingdom but she is in ALL the Disgaea games anyway, it’s because I love her cute design, her eyes, and her personality HUGE fan of girls who are princess-type like girls who looks up to themselves that high.

Laharl – There are already Etna and Flonne Nendoroids why NOT Laharl please complete the trio(Even though Nendoroids Etna and Flonne are kinda HUGE let-downs….But I’ll buy them someday though together with Beryl.) Really would like to pose him evil-laughing in front of my other Nendoroids!

Desco – SHE WOULD BE AN AWESOME Nendoroid!!! Imagine having some of the tentacles articulated and having her pose the kawaii things she does! Her older sister Fuuka has a petit so maybe a Nendoroid for Desco GSC?

Kill la Kill

4.) Kill la Kill Nendoroids(Nui Harime and Kiryuuin Ragyo) – I hope they will not stop with the three Nendoroids already available for Pre-Order I hope they continue to make MORE Nendoroids from the series because it’s the best anime there is! I would like to see the transformes forms of both Matoi and Satsuki also a 2 star Mako BUT please not now!(Money will cut short 😦 ) maybe after all the other characters are made then make the other version of already announced Nendos.


5.) Kantai Collection Nendoroids(1-19 Iku, Musashi, I-58 Goya) – It is just yesterday when we got the news that the popular Shimakaze’s popular “sister” Amatsukaze will have a Nendoroid it’s the picture that made me squeal yesterday even though it’s just her head, how’bout the full Nendoroid? And how’bout MORE Kantai Collection Nendoroids tomorrow?(Where I’m sure there will be loads of them tom.) I’m so addicted to this game and want more Nendoroids of them! I’d be happy to see this three as Nendoroids tomorrow but seriously any Kancolle Nendoroid will make me happy the three are three of my favorite CHARACTERS from Kancolle(yes character has an s, there ARE a LOT of ships!)

Daryl-Dixon-y-Michonne khaleesi-dragon CS 65 Friday 22nd October 2010

5.) American character Nendoroids(Daryl Dixon and Michonne from TheWalkingDead, Khaleesi and Tyrion from TheGameofThrones.)

– Having Nendoroids Spiderman, Ironman, Iron Patriot and BATMAN  gives me the hope that some American characters be made into Nendoroids I don’t know…… but nothing is impossible when these shows get even more popular in Japan or GSC decides to open doors for American characters again we never know what may happen! I think Tyrion has a figure from GSC I can’t remember. IT will be awesome if they did these characters!

OhnoRaptors1399029570 I_Kyubey1403872471

And…. finally looking forward to see Nendoroid Venera-Sama colored by tomorrow and Hiei’s face pose or whatnot!

AHHHHH I’m sooo excited for tomorrow’s WonFes!! How ’bout you who do you want to see in Nendoroid form tomorrow!

Pictures are not MINE!

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WonFes 2014 Nendoroid Sneak peeks~! !



ONE MORE FUCKING DAY BEFORE WONFES!!! That means for rich collectors rejoice! while for poor collectors like me…… grieve(For thy wallet will die~) But still rejoice because we get to see our favorite characters be made into Nendoroids! Just like before, we get some Sneak peek from Kahotan of the figures to be shown/displayed at the event and GOD these sneak peeks are bloody even though it’s STILL NOT WonFes!(SO WONFES will be a FREAKING Killer!!) So let’s see who Kahotan teased!


1.) Nendoroid Mutou Hana from Captain Earth – This always happens every WonFes, a character I don’t know….. always pops up and then it makes me search for anything about the character to the extent of me liking him/her! BUT this didn’t happen this time she looks like a plain ol’ girl to me. Maybe when the parts are shown it will make me like her, I like her skin tone though.


2.) Nendoroids Shiina Kokomi and Chloe Lemaire from Girlfriend – I don’t know but every school girl Nendoroid never fails me there are at least something that would make me want them based on how they look I think I like them especially Chloe(The blonde.) She looks like Dekomori for a minute there….


3.) Nendoroid Tokisaki Kurumi from Date A Live – Hmmm she is getting a LOT of hype and LOVE from people, I think she’s another popular character from Date A Live I love her design and color(Red is my 3rd fave color.) she looks promising but Yoshino is my fave character from Date A Live(Well based on how she looked.)


4.) Nendoroid Shinon from SAO(Sword Art Online) II – Okay I never want to watch the anime, I don’t know why but looking at Sinon/Shinon’s appearance her clothes AHHHH I might watch it she looks cooollll. HER CLOTHES ARE SOO DAMN GORGEOUS!


5.) Nendoroid Batman from The Dark Knight/ Dark Knight Rises – OHHHHH YEP GSC just did it! Another popular American character OHHH I can’t wait to see him fighting the Marvel Nendoroids! Based on the MFC entry he is Christian Bale Batman, not ze Affleck! I really don’t know why GSC loves superheroes so much! Sinc ethey are making this I hope they make American series Nendoroids too like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and whatnot! (Khaleesi Nendoroid please!) Oh and can’t wait for WonFes!? Here’s what her looks like!


“He looks like Kim Jong Un for some reason….”


6.) Nendoroid Amatsukaze from Kantai Collection – HOLLLY SHIIITTTT!!!! This is the best Nendoroid from this sneak peek! I just got to have her because she’s like Shimakaze’s sisters I can’t wait to see her together with my waifu! And tease each other on who’s the faster ship! And she is goddamn colored that means she may be near to be available for Pre-Order in a month or so~ I’am so dead this wonfes for Amatsukaze is now a SURE GET How about the other Kancolle/Kill la Kill/ other series Nendoroids!? OHHHH WONFES!!!

So that’s it be sure to look at Kahotan’s blog for other figures and preparation pictures before WonFes(It might be awesome to work for GSC!)

Who’s your favorite Nendoroid of the sneak peek? Comment Below. Mine is Amatsukaze!

I do not own the pictures!

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Nendoroid Nico Yazawa UP for Pre-Order!!


Here she goes! Ready to sing to you and dance to you and everything Nico does best! As she is UP for Pre-Order now! She’s CUUUTTTEE!!~~

3239518f812659436f60aa55b26d7a81 735357854a0c47270b9ee9bc5ffaf812

Various parts are included to pose her dancing or doing what she always does! She may lack the accessories, additional extras but I’m sure her face, personality alone will make you BUY this friggin’ little thing!

She is priced ¥3,241  and is set to be released on October 2014.

See more of the communications girl at her page at GSC’s website

Pictures are not mine.

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Nendoroid Nico Yazawa Previewed by Kahotan!


Hey it’s not even Wonfes but Nendoroids are continuing to populate the earth! AND probably our hearts and shelves! This day’s Nendoroid is “Everyone’s Idol” Nico Yazawa!

o0515051813007870750 o0515045613007871043 o0515050313007870751

I don’t know anything about Love Live! All I know is that they are girls that sings and dances like idols and makes cute dances/songs that will rock each and everyone’s hearts like their Nendoroids there are a bunch of animes like this but this is the one that makes me want to watch it……so Nico is the first from the Love Live girls! Well maybe because she is cute than the other girls or maybe because of her personality alone…. I mean look at her 2nd faceplate! I just hope that like the Wake Up Girl Nendoroid they added more parts to recreate dance moves so that it’s a not a lack luster Nendoroid maybe the reason why she is cheap is because she doesn’t come with THAT MUCH amount of parts.


And she have a GSC shop exclusive part….GSC WHY MUST YOU DO THIS!!!??? I hate you know!(But please continue making Nendoroids that will leave us with awe.)

Pictures are not mine it’s Kahotan’s!

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What happened for the past decade…(few weeks..) A Catch Up POST ULTIMATE EDITION!!

Catch Up post

Hey guys! It’s been awhile, and it’s because the motherloving typhoon hit our place last week and it just left us with no ELECTRICITY and water for 4 days(Trust me it felt like living in a zombie apocalypse just with the absence of walkers….) And my Amazing school gave me a TON of things to do that’s why there are no updates from me for the past few week(s) anyways taht’s me being angry let’s move on on what happened…AND there are a lot of Nendoroids!

2e129c509a0e270f3d503dbf28c5d355 9b2ac279c08e0eb20974779b51f7f8ac

1.) Nendoroid Suigintou is now UP for pre-order! I got to say she is JUST gorgeous! Her wings, her dress and her poses! AHH too much of Suigintou makes me squeal but yeah I’m not much a Rozen Maiden Fan so maybe not today Suigintou! Having problems on decideing on POing her? Try reading her preview!

a91a170673cf02fb8b34089f4a2b16f5 3176ed64abac374dc70491ecde97d9f3

2.) Nendoroid Renge Miyauchi is now UP for Pre-order!! NYAANNNPPAASSSUU~~~~~~ OH she is tooooo cuuutttee!! I love her weirdness from the anime it makes her cuteness MORE CUUTTEE! She comes with Gu, her recorder, and three SUPER CUTE/AMAZING faceplates I love all of her parts! The problem is she’s a November release and I’ve got a Nendo Wo-class to pay and she’s expensive….AND….. only watched one episode of Non Non Biyori not a fan(But will be! Maybe.) Want to see more of her!? Go and see her preview! There’s a GSC shop exclusive part go check it out!

f7bf6a029eb438e8f8bf8fda0e8d0c31 e4215dfa6695f176a8cda67f37665079

3.) Nendoroid Mashiro Mitsumine is now Up for Pre-Order!! Ahhh My favorite Loli!!~~~ ❤ ❤ She is perfect as a Nendoroid! I love all her parts pose and everything about her from her table, spoon to her Nessie/Toys and GOT TO LOVE HER PERFECT three faceplates especially her CHIBI excited face from the ending song! REALLY LOVE THE opening scene pose from the Ending song! She’s also a November release so I have to ask my Dad if I can get her together with Nendo Wo- class since they have money adding Wo- Class and this will be EXPENSIVE </3 I’m going to Pre-Order her if I’m allowed too but if you’re having doubts then try heading to her preview! And another GSC shop exclusive part…. *SONUD OF CRACKING* I think my heart just broke…. </3

4.) Kahotan’s Live Broadcast July edition!! YUP it’s the July installment of the series(?) And as always previously announced Nendos are shown and some new are debuted! This episode(?) of the series(?) showed WONFES exclusive Nendoroids since WONFES is effing NEAR!! And they debuted Nendoroid Solid Snake!

1.) Nendoroid Wo- Class – Can’t wait to play with mine and GOD that’s a HUGE BOX! And The red eyes would have to be my favorite!

10550891_786194191411111_9013400640238724183_n 10561524_786194211411109_3878197647040257037_n

2.) Nendoroid Sayaka Miki : School Ver. and Sakura Kyouko : Casual ver. – Oh yeah the three(including Wo-Class are previewed by Kahotan for more decision inducing photos.)


3.) Nendoroid Solid Snake

10544389_786225888074608_3847073526521747432_n 10552610_786226964741167_4364802581506526862_n


10505211_785825261448004_5967779906258980587_o 10505211_785825258114671_4762027566763825774_o 10465425_785825434781320_4851216871829124022_o

I think it’s from a Konami broadcast to show off their first Nendoroid!

So that’s it any Nendoroid that raped your eyes!? Leave your comments below!

Pictures are from GSC and Nendoroid Park they’re not mine!